Making You Look Good Every Step Of The Way

With more than forty five years of experience in the industry it is safe to say we know our shoes inside out along with the dos and don’ts for them. Be it your high tops or your beach sandals we got all that it takes to fix it and brush it back to be as good as new. Shoes are a very significant accessory which ties together an outfit. It is safe to say that the kind of shoe you choose can make or break what you have going. Therefore why waste time. Fix it up with one of our trusted products and be on your way so you will not have to b self-conscious or uncomfortable about petty things and be the best you can be out there.We know that the shoes can be a little pricy and sometimes hard to come by. Because of that keeping your shoes in top condition is worth a little extra effort and a little more money than having to go buy a new pair of shoes all over again. Below are ways to help you look after and even prolong the natural life of your shoes.

Dirt particles easily latch on to leather. Therefore, you need to do a bit of a brushing off before you jump to shining it. Our Shoe Brushes and Wipes can painlessly be used to remove left-over dirt and grim and you can finish off your handy work with quality leather paint for an extra polish.

  • For best results start off by applying the shoe cream or leather cream equally to leather shoes and boots with a brush using a soft cloth. Once the polish has completely been absorbed, simply buff to a brilliant shine using brush with soft bristles.
  • Because of their cloth like texture, suede shoes require a little bit of a special upkeep. Make sure they are cleaned and waterproofed regularly using our Tana waterproofer. If they happen to get wet, stuff them with newspaper while they dry to keep their shape intact.
  • To have them looking their best, make sure to regularly brush your suede shoes.
  • To extend the life of active or outdoor shoes such as your football boots or camping boots make sure you polish and waterproof them during regular intervals using waterproof which will act as a protective layer out there.
  • You should not try on wet shoes immediately. Let them dry out completely before putting them on again. When the shoes are dry waterproof these shoes with a day to day protection product. You can use our special waterproofer.