Party For The Expecting Mother

Also called a baby shower, this is a party which is usually thrown by the best friends of the mother to be for the expecting mom where everyone wishes her good luck and gives her presents for the baby and shares tips in looking after the child. It is usually a very joyous and mellow event with little finger food and decorations in pastel shades. If you are the mom’s best friend and know next to nothing about babies and baby showers, here are a few tips to help you throw one.

Theme – Obviously it is baby. However, if you already know the gender of the baby it is a lot easier to pick the color of the party. If you don’t know it, then go with yellows and greens and always stick to the mild pastel shades of the colors, the usual baby tones and not the bright happy colors we usually use. While we always try to stick to the theme and the color combo even when ordering food, it might not be such a good idea in this case as the color theme only permits sweet items. A light pink pizza will look absolutely disgusting so when it comes to food, forget the theme. Order a proper assortment of sweet and savory food items but keeping it to finger foods will help keep you in line with the ‘tiny’ theme. Things like mini pizzas, quiche and pigs in blankets are usually tiny and cute additions against the marshmallows, meringues and cupcakes dotted with sprinkles.

Presents – Make sure everyone brings presents. Expecting moms are usually very emotional and high in hormone levels so make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone brings meaningful presents for the baby. Find something interesting like at the stella mccartney kids sale where they have a number of designer baby clothes which are unique and chic. Or else opt for something useful like a car seat or baby bag. However, make sure to leave behind a nice big pile of presents. For more info on Stella Mccartney kids sale, just check this out!

Decorations – As mentioned before, stick to the mellow colors. However, all baby things are tiny. So better to stick to a lot of tiny delicate items of décor rather than larger pieces. Baby’s breath and a few roses coupled with a feeding bottle as the vase can be a beautiful table décor with an onesie hanging on the wall with streamers around it make an ideal baby shower. A few starry lights too will help brighten things up but make sure to not have bright lights shining directly on the party.